Thoughts and Words Are Prayers

. . . and we are always praying.

Peace on Earth

Buddha said,
“What we think, we become.”

When we honor and welcome the energies of the Divine Feminine, then and only then, can we fully return to love and peace – within Self and for the planet, as a whole. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to become conscious of how it is we *language our manifest world.

Did you know your thoughts,
whether they’re love and peace
or whether they’re pain-filled chaos,
are actually changing your biology?

There are many words that are “blockers” that we don’t even think about. Removing these words from our languaging is a step toward integrating the Divine Feminine into our wholeness. And Mother Earth is pleading with all of us to be conscious of how we speak to ourselves and to each other — Know the true meaning of the words we use in our daily speaking. Only by becoming fully conscious will we save ourselves from extinction.

Thoughts and words are prayers, and we are always praying.
Everything you say,
     everything you think,
             everything you feel,
                   every act you commit,
                          is an internal prayer.
Life is the outward projection of your internal prayers.

What are you praying today?

Epigenetics is now saying,
“What you are thinking is translated into chemistry,
which determines what you will become.” ~Bruce Lipton

Please share so that all may re-member.

*Language (Languaging) — Here the word language is used in an all-encompassing way to mean: everything we think; everything we say to ourselves; everything we say aloud; everything we feel; every action we take. i.e. think, say, feel, do. Languaging brings to each of us our own manifest world. (“And the Word was made flesh“. John 1:14)

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