I just want you to know you made my day and to tell you how much I admire your work as well. I keep referring to your session at Unity as the powerful example that made me so aware of how important it is to clear unconscious beliefs. Best wishes to you and your family for continued blessings in all ways.” ~ Jan of Louisville, KY

“Very quick results with Sybil’s intuitive connection to pain in my body; which, once I realized the source cause, I was able to let it go quickly, with her guidance”. ~ Anna, Louisville

“Sybil has this ability, this ineffable something, that she applies to hone in on exactly what you need to hear. For years I struggled with feeling inferior, no, downright stupid, because I could share a message with someone and, when asked to repeat it seconds later, I couldn’t. I had been made fun of. Laughed at and actually called dumb. It hurt, deeply, and until Sybil came along, I didn’t understand what was happening. When Sybil explained, in her ever-so-gentle way, that it was because the message was for the listener, not me, it opened me up to be and do what I came here to do. Sybil, I’m so grateful for your heart-felt coaching and for changing my world.”
~ MamaRed Knight
Intuitive Business Strategist and Re-purposing…on PURPOSE™ Expert http://mamaredknight.com

March 13, 2013
I have benefited greatly from Sybil’s caring, sharing, and intuitive expertise. Using Bio-Energetic Coaching, Sybil helped me to connect to, and let go of, stuck emotions related to childhood perceptions of being wronged. I truly believe that as a result of this clearing of stuck energy, physical pain I had been experiencing for a year was also cleared.

Sybil sees the world as a place full of possibilities and potential for good. She seeks to bring wholeness and health to all who come seeking for themselves and their loved ones. She has a seemingly endless capacity for personal caring about the inner life of the people who come to her seeking relief from feelings of stuckness. Sybil encourages and supports in a way that makes a difference.

What I have gained from my coaching sessions with Sybil is beyond measure. I recommend her services to anyone who is experiencing stress, grief, unworthiness, fear, anxiety, or any feelings of not being able to move forward in life.


Today I did Yoga, and there was no pain in my body. WOW!
~ Dotti Russell, Licensed Professional Art Therapist, Louisville Kentucky