ACV Lemon Tea

Hot Apple Cider Vinegar Lemon Tea

Maybe the Most Beneficial Beverage on the Planet!

Apple Cider Vinegar TeaI have heard people say, “YUCK! I can’t drink that stuff.” Then I learn they are attempting to drink the apple cider cold. YUCK! Or they are drinking the apple cider vinegar and the lemon as separate items. On both cases, I agree. “YUCK! I can’t drink that stuff.”

I have figured out that cold or straight is the issue, at least for me. However, hot tea is something that I can do. I love ACV Lemon Tea, hot. It is a great way to start the day — a Mug of ACV Tea in the morning allows me to skip the 3 o’clock slump.

One week of this amazing beverage helped wean me from a 40 year caffeine addiction. In addition to letting go the caffeine addiction, ACV is also helping me slim down — over the past six months, I have gone from a size 18 was tight, to size 14 is a little lose. I’m aiming for a size 12.

Here is my recipe. . .

  • To a mug of boiling water add:
    • *1 packet green tea, if desired
    • Juice of one lemon, strained
    • **2 TBSP Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, with mother
    • 1 to 2 TBSP Raw Wild Honey (to taste) (local preferred – within 50 miles)
    • 1/4 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt
    • 1/2 tsp Coconut oil (optional)
    • 1/4 tsp cinnamon, or stir with cinnamon stick if desired. Tastes more like apple cider
  • Whisk until well blended. Enjoy!

I use a 16 to 20 ounce mug, because I do so enjoy my morning cuppa ACV :o). If you are using a smaller cup or mug, you may want to halve the recipe.

1 tsp to 2 TBSP per day is the recommended daily intake amount to receive all the benefits of ACV. You may want to start with the lower amount and work up to the 2 TBSP. Check in with your own intuition to learn what is best for you.

* When using the green tea, I put it in the water first and let it steep while I juice the lemon. Then remove the tea bag, before adding all other ingredients.

** It is recommended to use organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the “mother”, such as Braggs, that you can purchase on Amazon or at most local groceries.”

Some Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Tea (ACV)

  • Lowers Blood Sugar Levels and Fights Diabetes
  • Helps You Let go Extra pounds and Reduces Belly Fat
  • Lowers Cholesterol and Improves Heart & Brain Health
  • May Have Protective Effects Against Cancer
  • Hymalayan Pink Salt: Improves hydration by providing trace minerals; improves mineral status of the body; reduces muscle cramps by improving minerals and hydration; helps balance blood sugar.
  • Green tea improves brain function, fat loss, and reduces risk of cancer.
  • Coconut oil contains natural saturated fats that increase the good HDL cholesterol in your body. They may also help turn the bad LDL cholesterol into a less harmful form. By increasing HDL, many experts believe that coconut oil could be good for heart & brain health. The body wants 2 TBSP per day.
  • Lemon promotes hydration; good source of vitamin C; improves skin quality; supports weight reduction; aids digestion; freshens breath; helps prevent kidney stones.