‘Release’ Does Not Clear Your Blocks

In this, the fourth article in the Word-Crafting as Alchemy Series, I want to present to you the idea that a word we use everyday, in the process of clearing what no longer serves our highest good, is actually detrimental to clearing our blocks – that word is ‘release‘. When we want to clear old patterns, mind sets, any kind of suffering, we say “release it.” Turns out, this is not the best way to become free of what no longer serves our highest good. Nor does it set us up for permanent clearing of our suffering and sorrow.


The dictionaries tell us that release means: the act or an instance of liberating or freeing (as from restraint). However, we need to look at the two syllables separately to be fully cognizant on how our mind really understands this word.

The Cambridge English Dictionary describes the prefix “re” as: a prefix added to a verb to have the word mean “do it again”.

The word “lease” is defined as: allowing someone to use something for a long period of time, for a price, and with an end date. i.e. “long-term, yet not permanent, use of something.”

Round and Round We Go

Putting the prefix “re” (do it again) together with “lease” (long-term use of, with an end date) we create a situation of doing something over and over again. Sort of like the old fashioned paddle ball game, where you have one end of a rubber-band connected to a paddle, and a ball connected to the other end. When one hits the ball with the paddle, the ball goes out to the end of the rubber-band, then returns to the paddle. No matter how many times one hits the it, the ball always returns to the paddle until such time as the rubber band breaks – at which time the ball keeps going until it falls to the ground, or strikes an immovable object and then bounces until all the energy is gone.

Boing! Boing! Boing!

Another meaning of release, as given by dictionaries, is: relief or deliverance from sorrow, suffering, or trouble. However, when we look at the meaning of “re” and “lease” separately, instead of getting rid of our sorrows, we simply send them out away from us, where the Universe takes temporary ownership of the suffering. However, the Universe’s lease soon expires, and the trouble is returned right back to us, just like that little ball on the rubber-band. Trouble and sorrow that we thought we released and sent on its way elsewhere, just keeps returning to us expanded and amplified, time and again. Boing! Boing! Boing!

So now you are probably thinking two things:

“OH! That is why life lessons I think I learned keep coming back up!”


“Well, if releasing does not remove what no longer serves my highest good, how do I stop repeating the same old patterns?”

Glad You Asked.

Clearing what no longer serves us is actually very simple. You stop releasing and instead you clear and let go.

When working with energies, thoughts, mind-set, feelings, emotions, etc. that no longer serve your highest good, you set the intent that you are clearing, letting go and the energy is transmuted to positive and reabsorbed back to source light.

The statement I use is: “I clear and let go this energy, from my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Being. I let this go from all Universes, time, space, dimensions, and realities. This energy that I now let go of is transmuted and reabsorbed back to source light. And so it is.”

I follow this up by running a magnet, or my two fingers -the index and 2nd finger- along the central meridian starting at my brow, up over top of head and down as far as I can reach on the back of the neck / upper spine. I do this three times while affirming the above. Rinse and repeat until all energy around this issue is cleared.

Once finished, I ask if there is anything further that I need to know or clear about this particular energy. When I get a “No,” I have the clear knowing and understanding that this particular energy will no longer trouble me. So far, anything I have cleared in this manner has not returned.

Please note, it often takes more than one round to clear all of a sorrow from all systems, especially if there is anything “ancestral” involved.

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