How We Dishonor the Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine

You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

~~ Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride.


‘Negative’ Does Not Mean Harmful

It is time that we, as a species, stop using the word “negative” to mean bad, stuff that we don’t want in our lives, space, energy or field. Using the word “negative” to mean ‘stuff to get rid of’ dishonors the Divine Feminine in all of us, and especially Mother Earth. It is time to up-level our language.

Planet of Polarity

We live on a planet of polarity – of negative and positive energies.
Magnets are charged both negative and positive – meaning one end of a magnet gives energy (pushes away), and other end receives energy (pulls toward). The North Pole of the planet is considered to have a positive charge, the south pole to have a negative charge.

Masculine / Positive The giving / sending, sun, male, masculine, yang and left brain functions are positive energies. The color white, which reflects all colors, is considered masculine.
Feminine / Negative The receiving / female, womb, feminine, moon, earth, yin and right brain activities are negative energies. The color black, which absorbs all colors, is considered feminine.

Dishonoring the Divine Feminine

When we use the word “negative” to mean bad, stuff that we want to get rid of, or let go of, we dishonor the Feminine. When using negative in any way other than to reference a function of specific types of energies (the polarities), we not only dishonor the Great Mother, the Earth and all that is feminine, we also dishonor the right brain functions of ourselves. And when we dishonor the Divine Feminine in all by attempting to get rid of the “negative”, we have the experience or feeling of not loving ourselves which leads to feelings of unworthiness and not good enough.
Using the word “negative” to mean stuff we no longer want is an old, patriarchal and lazy way of speaking. It is time for us to be more succinct and specific in our language. It is time to begin speaking in a more meaningful way to get our point across in a way which does not harm or dishonor the Divine Feminine that lives within each of us. Now is the time to Up-Level your speaking in a way that supports the feminine energies of all creation.
Until we stop dishonoring the Feminine, we will continue to live in toil and strife and pain, upset and war on our beautiful planet. The first step to a forever peace, is to reclaim and honor our feminine selves.
Please feel free to share so that all may re-member.
Click here to download and print a PDF of this article. The second page is a list of more than 100 words that can be used to replace the word “negative” in our daily speaking. Feel free to add others as you feel appropriate. Please, for all our sake, lets become more conscious of our speaking and up-level our language to use the appropriate words and more clearly state our meaning and intention.

*Language (Languaging) — Here the word language is used in an all-encompassing way to mean: everything we think; everything we say to ourselves; everything we say aloud; everything we feel; every action we take. i.e. think, say, feel, do. Languaging brings to each of us our own manifest world. (“And the Word was made flesh“. John 1:14)

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