Meet Sybil

Sybil considers herself to be a Light Bringer. She shines the light into and onto the dark places in the soul so as to bring forth your shadows. Once the light shines onto the shadows, you are then able to look at, be with, acknowledge and honor that bit for the lessons you have learned. Once we do this, we release the energy back to source, where it is received with great honor, re-absorbed and transmuted into positive healing energy.

Sybil is an intuitive energy facilitator and coach. She is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Melchizedek Method Instructor with certifications in many other healing systems. She has been learning and practicing spiritual healing and coaching for over 20 years with friends and family.

She found helping people “evolve” through clearing and releasing their trapped emotions to be much more fulfilling than the Business Administration and Public Accountant work that she trained for in college.

Sybil says she knows energy healing works from personal experience. She has healed herself of blood poisoning, two uterine tumors, gall bladder disease, shin splints, bells’ palsy, kidney stones, a broken ankle and more. The healing power of the mind is not theory for Sybil. She has intimate experience of the healing power and wishes to share that information with you.

In working with clients, Sybil uses a pendulum, kensiology, L-rods, conversation, hypnosis, her hands and conversation to locate, connect with and clear disruptive energies from her clients body, mind and energy field. When these energies are cleared from their field, people feel lighter, a reduction of pain, increased sense of well-being and sometimes they even find that chronic discomforts which have bothered them for months, or even years, are just gone.

Sybil lives in Louisville, Kentucky.