Oregano Oil For Wellness

The health benefits of Oregano Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, digestive, *emenagogue and anti-allergenic substance. You can ingest (therapeutic grade only) or apply it topically onto the skin. Oregano Oil is a must-have item for every medicine cabinet or emergency kit. The array of benefits it offers makes it one of the best, all-around supplements you can get. Remember, as with any health product, quality matters tremendously. Always purchase organic, therapeutic grade, essential oils.

NOTE: Blend Oregano Oil with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil, unscented sesame or sweet almond oil, before applying to skin. Oregano Oil is a “hot” oil and will blister the skin if used neat. 1 drop Oregano Oil to 3 to 5 drops carrier oil. Diluting essential oil does NOT reduce its effectiveness.

“When searching for an oregano oil product, make sure to look for one that is organic, in liquid form, and has at least 80% carvacrol content. Carvacrol is the main ingredient in oregano oil that makes it such an amazing healing agent.”
~ ~ Dr. Edward F. Group, ND
You probably won’t find all that information on the label.
As long as it is therapeutic grade, it will be a good oil.

You can purchase Oregano Oil at your local health food store, some pharmacies or online through Amazon.

Oregano oil has wide-reaching health benefits; however, it is most associated with respiratory and immune system health. It is known for helping prevent and treat infections, such as: Urinary tract infections (UTIs) caused by bacteria like E. coli, Proteus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Uses of Oregano Oil

Remember, where essential oils are concerned:

A little goes a long way!

Apply to skin.
Adults: Blend 1 drop oregano oil to 3 drops carrier oil, such as coconut, sweet almond or other massage oil. Olive Oil is NOT recommended as it breaks down the skin. The other oils listed above are completely and easily absorbed into the skin, leaving no residue. Apply up to 3 times per day. Use more carrier oil for infants and those with very sensitive skin.

Children ages 5 – 10 Blend 1 drop oregano oil to 5 drops carrier oil. Apply up to 3 x per day. Don’t exceed 10 consecutive days. If more is needed, skip applying for seven days, then begin another regimen of 10 days.

*Children 6 months to 5 years – Blend 1 drop oregano oil to 10 drops carrier oil. Apply to soles of feet and spine up to 3 x per day. Little ones benefit from 6 to 12 drops of Oregano oil blended with ¼ cup Himalayan or Epsom salt in a warm bath. Don’t exceed 10 consecutive days.
Rub the oil onto neck and throat, middle of back over lungs, palms of hand, and soles of feet.
Oregano oil is also amazing for the relief of teething pain. Rub the blend along the jaw line, outside the mouth, being careful to massage in completely and avoid the eyes. Wipe off any excess.
*Consult a certified health care practitioner before using essential oils on children under 6 months of age.

Trivia note: When essential oils are applied to the feet, the healing essence of the oil goes all through the body in about 20 to 30 seconds. Blending essential oils into carrier oils does not dilute the healing value of the essential oil.

Fights Infection:
The United States Department of Agriculture reported that oregano oil has such a strong action against germs that it could easily fight Salmonella and E. coli, which are becoming resistant to most western antibiotics.

Protection Against Harmful Organisms
If you’ve consumed under-cooked meat or impure water, or countless other risky actions, harmful organisms are likely to be residing inside of your body. Thankfully, Oregano Oil has been shown to be extremely useful for helping to get rid of these unwanted invaders. One study examined the relationship between Oregano Oil and harmful organisms and found that taking 600 mg of oregano oil daily prompted a complete disappearance of harmful organisms in the body. Fill empty 00 capsules with Oregano Oil for the purpose of ingesting. Ingest ONLY pure, therapeutic grade oil. Only fill the number of capsules you are going to take immediately, and consume asap after filling, as the capsules tend to dissolve quickly.
You cannot fill and store capsules of oregano for later use.

Source of Essential Nutrients
It’s not exactly a multivitamin, yet there’s no denying that Oregano Oil is loaded with vital nutrients like magnesium and zinc as well as vitamins C and E. It’s high in iron, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, and niacin. As a secondary approach, Oregano Oil might help bridge the gap that so many people have between their nutritional intake and the actual nutritional needs of the body.
Suggested Usage: Place 2 drops of Oregano Oil to 12 drops of coconut or olive oil (i.e. 1:6) in an empty 00 gel capsule. Take 3 capsules with a glass of water every 2 hours when ill (up to a week).

As a dietary supplement and to maintain high a level of wellness, take 1 capsule with water 3 times per day before meals. Capsules are designed to dissolve fairly quickly, so should be taken immediately upon filling.

  • Get a Brown or Cobalt Blue, 5 or 10 ml glass bottle to mix your essential oil into the carrier oil.
  • Blend the oils in advance, then use the dropper to fill the capsules – 14 drops per 00 capsule.
  • Fill only the number of capsules you are going to take now.
  • Shake the bottle well before each capsule filling session.
  • When taking essential oils internally, it is more effective to take a few drops every few hours rather than more drops at one time.
  • You can purchase gel caps at most health food, and some Walgreen, stores. Or you can purchase them online through this link. Get empty dropper bottles at your local health food stores or online.
  • You may want to get a small “flask” funnel to make filling the bottle easier when blending essential oils into carrier oils, like the ones you will find on Amazon.

Combats the Cold & Flu
Although Oregano Oil may not be an actual ‘cure’ for the cold or flu, it can add a powerful layer of support to your immune system. Many people claim that when they start to feel under the weather they use the ingesting instructions above. A 5-10 day regimen has been reported as doing wonders.

Digestive Aid
Did you know? Good health begins in the gut! Good digestion is absolutely required to experience good health. While it is recommended using an oxygen-based colon cleanser periodically to clean out your digestive tract, stopping the build-up in the first place also needs to be part of the plan, and Oregano Oil can help. Oregano Oil is known to stimulate the flow of bile into the digestive organs, enhancing the digestive process. Rub diluted Oregano Oil over the abdomen in a clockwise direction one or two times per day and ingest the oil as suggested above. Blend with magnesium oil and a mixing oil, then rub onto the bottoms of feet at night before bed.

Eases Discomfort
Aches and stiffness can wreak havoc and really impact your quality of life. Many people use Oregano Oil topically and say that it feels like it goes deep inside their skin to relieve soreness and muscle discomfort. Simply create a 50/50 mixture of therapeutic grade Oregano Oil and an organic carrier oil; apply topically to the affected area for relief. If you suffer from sore muscles, sports injuries, and backaches, this is one benefit you’ll appreciate.

Eases Tooth Ache
Oregano Oil is great for relieving mouth pain. For adults, use one drop of Oregano Oil in 3 to 6 drops mixing oil, blend well and rub onto outer jaw to reduce mouth pain and inflammation. Repeat as needed throughout the day. In my experience, even an abscess only takes a day, or maybe two, to heal. Apply to OUTSIDE of jaw only. No need to put it into mouth.


  • Keep Oregano Oil out of reach of children.
  • Consult your healthcare provider before using Oregano Oil if pregnant or nursing, or for any additional concerns.
  • Do not get near the eyes.
  • Essential Oils are NOT water soluble. Some people recommend placing oil directly under tongue and following with a glass of water. Oregano Oil is a “hot” oil and will blister the skin if applied ‘neat’ (without dilution in carrier oil). Water will not reduce the burn. Only a carrier oil will do that – later rather than sooner. In my personal opinion, placing undiluted Oregano Oil anywhere on the body, and especially under the tongue, is equivalent to some of the stupid challenges young people are putting out on the Internet today. JUST DON’T
  • People who are knowledgeable and experienced with essential oils do not recommend using Oregano Oil without dilution. Anyone who recommends using essential oils neat or undiluted, other than perhaps lavender, do not have sufficient experience with essential oils to be making recommendations to anyone. Ignore them.

The author does NOT recommend using Oregano Oil without dilution. And certainly does not recommend taking any essential oil internally without first blending with a digestible mixing oil and placing it into gel caps as per instructions above.

*Emmenagogues (also spelled emmenagogs) are herbs which stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus; some stimulate menstruation. Oregano Oil is an Emmenagogue and should NOT be used if pregnant.