Sacred Space Spray

Room and Aura Sacred Space Spray

Sacred Space Spray
$27.50 USD
Includes a 1 oz bottle of cleared and blessed pure water for expansion.

Sacred Space Room and Aura Mist is revered for its ability to allow you to connect to your higher spiritual self as well as promote healing; it illustrates our unity and connection within the infinite universe.

I heal, I empower, I break sorcery’s spell
Learn from me balance and boundaries as well
I uplift the downtrodden, I strengthen the weak
Come embrace me if beauty, love and emPOWERment you seek!

Sacred Space Mist is a combination of frequencies, that, together, are more powerful than the sum of the parts. Sacred Space clears the area of discordant energies and sets both the external and internal environments to grounded peace, in preparation for the Sacred Work you do.


  • Use it before meditation, before body work, at the beginning of coaching sessions, or any place where high vibration energy is beneficial.
  • In addition to, or instead of, burning sage, you can use the Sacred Space Mist for “Aura Brushing” by spraying the it about 6 inches above your head and taking deep breaths, as you allow the mist to fall to the ground, while it transmutes discordant energies to positive.
  • As a revitalizing and energizing space clearing spray, it refreshes and energizes your personal space, by cleansing and purifying your aura. In addition to cleansing and purifying your personal space, it also promotes happiness and harmony within your home and family.
  • In the busy work place, chaotic energy emitted from computers, office equipment and stressed colleagues can seriously affect your clear-headed decision-making and your own stress levels. Sacred Space helps transmute those detrimental energies, restores calm and tranquility, and creates a more positive atmosphere in which to work, meditate, or simply ‘be’. Spray toward the four corners of your desk area.

The essences of nature, with pure essential oils of Frankincense and citrus oils, releases a fine, delicate fragrance to further enhance the harmonious energy. In addition to pure essential oils, Sacred Space Mist contains the intelligent frequencies of elements that provide powerful protection and high vibrations to the space – both personal and environmental. We do not need the physical items to harness the vibration and power of these elements. This formula articulates the innate healing essence of each item with which it is infused. Sacred Space Mist is infused with, and articulates the powerful vibrations of:

  • Black Tourmaline: for grounding and protection
  • Sage: for cleansing, protection and over-all well-being
  • Yew Tree: supports you in letting go fear, terror, panic as well as feeling grounded and secure
  • Essence of Flower of Life: revered for its ability to allow us to connect to our higher spiritual self as well as promote healing
  • Infinite Blessings: support for opening your heart and mind beyond old boundaries and paradigms
  • Essence of Warrior Rose: cleanses and purifies the entire energy field and the environment around you; such high vibration that low-level energies / entities cannot remain in its presence. Supports you in letting go old baggage that no longer serves your highest good.
  • Plus additional energies that support wellness, protection, feelings of safety as well as clearing and setting sacred space.


Purified and blessed water; Colloidal Silver as a preservative and healing element; pure essential oils of Frankincense, citrus and others; is infused with the high vibration frequencies of black tourmaline, yew tree, sage, flower of life, infinite blessings, warrior rose, and more.


  • For EXTERNAL application only. This product is not intended to be taken internally.
  • Hold bottle approximately 5 to 6 inches above crown and spritz once or twice.
  • Step into, stand or sit in the mist and breathe deep.
  • To clear the air of stagnant energies, spritz into room in the four directions, starting with East, move to South, North, West and back to East.

NOTE: This is an “expandable” formula. When the bottle is still half full, refill with blessed, purified water and let sit for 2 to 6 hours to overnight, then continue using as normal.

CAUTION: It’s best to avoid adding water straight from the tap, as tap water may open your spray to environmental hazards contained in the water, thus reducing its life and lowering the vibration and frequency of the product.

If you are looking for a smokeless way to energize, revitalize and bring balance to your space, click the orange button and purchase your bottle of Room and Aura Sacred Space Spray Mist now.