Build a Love Shield

Are You An Empath?

Although each person experiences being an empath in their own unique way, empaths share many of the same traits.

One of the trademarks of a true empath is feeling and absorbing other people’s emotions and / or physical symptoms because of their (the empath’s) high sensitivities. Many empaths often feel energy – whether from people, places, or things. These people seem to filter the world through their intuition and emotions. They often have a difficult time explaining, or even understanding, their feelings. Many of the empaths I have met do not know why they feel so drained after being around a group of people.

Empaths can learn how to center themselves so they don’t feel so overloaded with the stress and emotions of others. The first step is to acknowledge that you may be an empath. The second step is to do something that will allow you to walk through the world without absorbing the emotions / feelings / energy of the world around you. Personally, I use what I call a “Love Shield” to deflect energy and preserve my own energy for my use.

If you experience any of the following, you may be an empath:

  • Highly sensitive to the world around you.
    You are often told you are “too sensitive” or that you need to “toughen up.”
    You feel and absorb the energy and emotions of people, places, things.
    Your body takes on these energies as you go about your daily business. If the energies are positive, you body flourishes. However, if the energies are discordant, then you may feel chronically exhausted.
  • Perhaps you feel like an introvert?
    Do you feel overwhelmed in crowds? Do you prefer to limit the amount of time you spend in crowded places? It is important to the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and well-being that an empath “get away from it all” in order to rest and regenerate.
  • Empaths experience the world through their intuition. It is important to develop the ability to “listen to gut feelings about people so as to find positive people and avoid the energy vampires.
  • Do you have an intense need for time alone?
    Most Empaths require time alone to reconnect, rejuvenate and regenerate. Even a brief escape prevents overwhelm. Do what you can to get out into nature, where you are replenished. Empaths have a tendency to want to take their own car when going on outings with friends so they can leave when they need, on their own time.
  • Empaths may become overwhelmed in intimate relationships.
    Even though their conscious mind longs for the connection and intimacy of a loving relationship, deep down, many are afraid of being engulfed by the partner — in losing their own identity. For empaths to thrive in an intimate relationship, the traditional paradigm of intimate relationships may need to be redefined.
  • Empaths may find themselves easy targets for energy vampires.
    Do you sometimes feel unloved and or unlovable — or unworthy after being around certain people? Energy vampires include: The Narcissist; The Victim; The Chronic Talker; The Drama Queen — sometimes all these archetypes can be found wrapped into one person. Empaths find they need a way to protect their own energy from these people. The “Love Shield” is a great way to provide this protection.
  • Most Empaths have highly tuned senses.
    They may find their nerves frayed by noise, smells, excessive talking.
  • Empaths often give too much, due to their huge loving hearts.
    Empaths want to relieve the pain they feel in others. Often just observing the daily distresses of the human condition leaves them drained, upset, stressed out. Learning to set up the “Love Shield“, and activate it before going out of the home, will help in reducing the feeling of being drained at day’s end.
  • Empaths Must Learn to Stay Centered and Grounded.
    Their are many strategies to protect the sensitivities of empaths.

    • Be fierce with your time management.
    • Setting strict limits and boundaries with people who drain you.
    • Spending time in meditation to calm and center yourself
    • Spending as much time as possible in nature.

Most awakened empaths, after learning how to take care of self, feel that being an empath is a gift. Each individual empath has special needs and it is important to communicate those needs to friends and family, in order to maintain your own balance and well-being.

The Love Shield

The “Love Shield” is a method of bringing in Cosmic, Unconditional Love into your own heart, then reflecting it out into the world, with intention. When the shield is properly set up and activated, you are constantly sending Cosmic Love out into the world, rather than the world draining your own personal energy. When you are sending love, and reflecting other people’s energies back to them as love, people feel loved, and thus they are not draining your personal energy in their need / desire to GET love.

My Personal Story

Since I have learned to use this, I feel that I can safely go anywhere and that I will not feel drained of life and energy when I leave that place. I feel loved and safe wherever I go. Before that, I felt unsafe in the world, and I was drained to the point of exhaustion and chronic fatigue.

Before I even understood “empath”, I took on the pain of others and lived as if it were mine.

Like pneumonia! A friend was VERY ill with pneumonia. I went to visit and took soup. I touched his shoulder as I was leaving and said, “Hope you feel better soon. Call me in the morning if you need anything else.”

The next morning he called. He was jubilant. Happy. Lively. He wanted to know what had I put in that soup?!? He was well. No sore throat. No cough. No hoarseness of voice. No pain in chest. No fever. He was off to work. No one would believe he had pneumonia, except he had a doctor’s note saying so.

I, on the other hand, was VERY ill. I had all the symptoms he didn’t have any longer, including dripping in sweat! Without having a clue how I had done it, or a word to describe it, I knew exactly what had happened. I called a healer friend and explained the situation to her. She chuckled and said, “Remember that class I invited you to? It starts Tuesday evening. Get yourself there! You need to learn how to protect yourself from this.” Then she helped me to clear away the symptoms, which were gone within a couple hours. I went to the class, and taking on the pain of others is now somewhere in my history. I DON’T!

I hope using this Love Shield will be as valuable to you as it has been to me for the past 30 years. The instructions are in PDF format. Save to your hard drive for future reference.