As I finished putting up the header banner, I had the thought, “What is the meaning of that?” So, I looked it up and here is what I learned:


  • Valley

    Valleys are considered to be areas of abundant life and vegetation; an area of great fertility. They are places of soft and silent growth. Valleys are symbols of new life, new fertility and a neutral zone for developing creativity. The totems associated with this environment will help you in that development. In legend and lore, valleys were often the home of priest and priestesses of the community.

  • Forest

    Forests have a very ancient symbolism that is complex and connected to the feminine forces within the universe – creation and birth.

    Forests are symbols of the unconscious. They reflect the untapped primal forces to which we have access. Individuals who have a terror of forests may find that they are really afraid of freedom, their own creative forces, or the perils of loosening the unconscious.

    The rules of life in the forest are very different and alien, especially to a city dweller. The lessons of predator and prey are magnified to a greater and purer degree. The forest, though, is a place where our own creative forces can come alive and thrive without the limitations or restrictions of society and other people in our life.


  • Green

    Growth, healing and abundance
    Healing for uncertainty and miserly greed

  • Yellow Gold

    Communication, optimism and inspiration
    Healing for confusion and being overcritical


  • Rabbit

    Rabbits are quite timid, never venturing too far from the safety of their warrens. They will dart down their hole at the slightest disturbance. Rabbits eat mostly the inner bark of saplings and shrubs, as well as their leaves and fruit. They are also fond of clover. In the summer, a pair may produce 3 litters with 3 to 7 young in each. Rabbits provide a perfect illustration of Nature’s balance. Their rapid rate of reproduction is countered by the fact that they are the favorite food of almost every predatory animal.

    Rabbit is afraid of almost everything and so its gift is to teach us about fear. Rabbit reminds us the time has come to examine those deep reflexive fears that hold us back from growing. Do you keep dashing for the safety of your old patterns every time something new or challenging presents itself? Face your fear and overcome them to promote your spiritual growth.

    Rabbit also teaches us, through its timidity, to be gentle with ourselves. People tend to dislike the fearful parts of themselves, and other people, yet virtually everyone likes Rabbit. We need to look upon our own fearful side with the same compassion we have for Rabbit. Accept that it is a part of human nature to feel fear at times. We need some bit of fear. It keeps us safe. Prevents us from walking out in front of a truck, or laying hand to hot stove. It is also important to believe that our fears need not paralyze our growth and movement.

    With Fear, I think we have two options:

    The First Option –
    Forget Everything And Run – many people do that when change gets scary. Hiding when fear comes up is certainly an option. *I* used to do that when change felt hard and scary. Just drop back down the rabbit hole and hunker down in the corner, shaking in fear, wandering what monster may attempt to grab me if I stick my head out again.

    The second option is:
    Feel Everything And Roar – Now days, I choose to do this. Look at the fear, face it head on, and learn how that fear is actually a launching pad into something that is exactly what Self ordered.

Once the energies of disruptive fear patterns are cleared, people usually discover that the things which used to scare them now have little to no power over them. Fear no longer stops those who face it.

Need help in getting unstuck from old fear patterns? Set up an appointment with Sybil today and get clear of the fear patterns that stop you from living your magnificent life.